Social Service

Blanket Drive

Blanket Drive is a campaign all over India by AIDCA, wherein the blankets are distributed to those less fortunate brothers and sisters who live their life in extreme poverty - on the streets. If you feel cold at night... So do people on the streets. AIDCA has come up with this concept to help our brothers and sisters through various 'Dawah Centers' and 'NGOs' working under AIDCA in different cities. This is not just our duty, but also a privilege to serve the society and earn blessings from the Almighty. We request you too to join us in this noble cause and help us in serving the society.

Participate in this noble cause with the nearest 'Dawah Center' or 'NGO' working for this campaign and help those less fortunate brothers and sisters who are living and sleeping in the cold.

"None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself."

- Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)