Khaas MulaQaat: 'Khaas MulaQaat: Da'ee ke saath' is a show dedicated to bring out the life and struggle of daees who are striving hard for Islam and the society. It is hosted by Aijaz Ahmad where the daee gives the answers or/and clarify issues regarding the work done by him. It is a unique show to bring out those daees who are working uniquely and motivate the others to work with mind and soul in the light of authentic teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Social Wing: Under this section the social welfare activities are done, wherein the volunteers of GPRF Network participate in organizing social activities which helps the poor and down trodden people and try to uplift those who are in need. GPRF believes in bridging the gap between rich and poor and encourages the rich section of the society to spend some part of their wealth in the upliftment of the poor. GPRF also participates with other organizations and help in their campaigns to achieve its purpose of serving the society.

Bait-ul-maal: Bait-ul-maal, in arabic, means 'House of Wealth". Under this section GPRF collects funds from its members for its activities. The members of GPRF Network, those who wish to contribute, contributes monthly or yearly for the activities done under GPRF Network. The funds flow from this section to various other wings of GPRF to perform its activities.

Note: We do not accept funds from Public