Islamic Summer Camp

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, GPRF organizes a '10-Day Islamic Summer Camp' (ISC) every year for the students.

The ISC is well planned and conceived by the GPRF Think-Tank, under the leadership of Iftikhar Islam, wherein we concentrate on the students minutely and strive to inculcate Islamic values and reasoning among the young students.

Students feel relaxed in ISC from their hectic academics - studying in school and additional tuitions - and explore their thoughts which is guided in an Islamic perspective by the GPRF teachers - who are chosen carefully and allotted the subject of their expertise.

We believe in the value-based education which is backed by a strong research in the particular fields and help the students excel in their career to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Knowledge increases when we share it. We also help people and organizations to conduct similar kind of Islamic Summer Camps in their city. In'sha'Allah!